A Week In Crete! Next Stop; Rethymno

You can read about our stay in Chania HERE, how we got to and from each of our destinations and the general plans that we recommend you make for this sort of trip HERE. For now though, I need to tell you all about Rethymno, a tale of two towns! (Dickens must be rolling around in his grave right about now).


The two towns I’m referring to are the Old and New Town. We stayed in the new area of Rethymno, on the seafront. While it was lovely waking up to the sound of the sea every morning and the breeze through our patio door at night certainly cooled our room, the general vicinity didn’t have a huge amount of atmosphere. We half put this down to the fact that again, we were a little early for the Summer season but aside from that, it felt like even when busy, it would have been very touristy and perhaps, lacking in a bit of soul (because of this, all the photos we’re featuring here are of the old town).

The beach itself is lovely and there’s a fine amount of loungers out every day for your eh, lounging pleasure, plus the promenade is a really pleasant walk. We ate in a nearby Thai restaurant for lunch one day and repeatedly drooled over a Haagen Das only ice cream bar (we never actually ventured in, I feared we wouldn’t be able to leave if we had) but other than that, we very much focused our time on the Old Town, which is a maze of cobbled streets, orange blossom trees, quirky shops and packed restaurants.


Just before we hit the start of the old town, still on the beachfront, you’ll find some very trendy (we’re in our early to mid 30’s, please don’t mock us for the use of the word “trendy”) bars with loud dance music, fancy decor and a lot of youths (ditto the word “youths” for no mocking, please). We avoided those as it’s not really our scene. Instead, we explored the narrow streets of the Old Town and sought out good food and wine. We did this later one evening so much of the shops were closed, but came back a bit earlier in the afternoon the following day to do more than window shop.

BeFunky Collage

We ate in great restaurants both nights, check out 1600 Raki Baraki for a traditional Cretan meal, in lovely surroundings:


Annoyingly, I can’t recall the name of the other place but to be honest, everywhere looked good and there are plenty of 4 and 5 star reviews on Trip Advisor for many great place to eat in Rethymno.


If you’re not after a big meal, there’s lots of crepes, gelaterias and bars to tempt you in also. We both loved the Old town of Rethymno. If we were staying there agin, I think we’d still stay on the seafront because the walk to and from the Old Town was actually lovely. Plus, where we were located provided us with a good base to take road trips to the nearby ruins of Knossos (we’ll come back to that later on, there’s too many photos for one blog post!), so it worked out quite well for us. Our next and last stop is Plakias, which is probably our favourite of the three!

Have you visited Crete? Anything else you would recommend to do in Rethymno?

Chloe & Cilian.


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