A Week In Crete! First Stop; Chania.

This was our most recent holiday so it’s probably the best place to start. In April of this year we took a week off for our first trip to Greece (note; we still have never been to the mainland and Crete itself is supposedly a different kettle of fish altogether). These posts will be a bit more in depth about the places we stayed in Crete, following on from the itinerary post we wrote HERE. We felt this would be more helpful as generally in most relationships, there’s a holiday planner (Cilian) and a holiday fun person (Chloe). Guess who wrote this paragraph?!


We flew into Chania airport, to the North of the island. Chania itself is quite a nice town so we had arranged to stay there for two nights. We hired a rental car from the airport and drove about 30 minutes to arrive to what was a bustling nighttime scene.

BeFunky Collage

We were booked into the Favela Boutique Hotel and were greeted by the lovely owner, Georgia, along with a four poster bed, a little balcony and a welcoming plate of bread, olives and Tsipouro (super strong Cretan alcohol. Get used to it, by the end of your holiday your blood-Tsipouro levels will be sky high).

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We were tired but hungry and headed out in search of food. That particular evening the restaurant that had been recommended to us was fully booked, so we wandered, taking the atmosphere in, while eating big old slices of take away pizza, which were delish, if not particularly Cretan in nature.

The following day, we headed straight to the famed Venetian harbour to explore in the sunshine. It is really beautiful around here, and probably what you picture when you think “Greek harbour”; really sunny, bright green/blue water, fishing vessels and rows of restaurants, enticing you in with the promise of good food and wine.


We walked right around the full stretch of the harbour and back again, past the Maritime museum, which was unfortunately closed (it would reopen for the start of the tourism season, even though it was already quite busy around).

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From there, we walked through the narrow streets to the shopping centre of the town. This was mostly window shopping because it was a Sunday, everywhere was closed for the day (fear not, I took mental notes and we returned the next day so I could scope out prices). This was a great little walkabout as there was lots of colourful shopfronts, gelato stops and cats lazing in the heat.

BeFunky Collage

At that stage we were hungry and allowed ourselves to be talked into sitting out on a terrace for big glasses of beer and some food. We decided on a Greek salad and Souvlaki (skewered chicken. We’ll have a separate post on Cretan food, with WAY more detail) which were delicious and a nice way to while away the afternoon.

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On the way back to our hotel we popped into a tacky souvenir shop for our obligatory Christmas tree decoration (we get one everywhere we go so our tree will eventually be overrun with them!) and then back for a little siesta. Cilian was less up for a nap than I was and so he popped down to the Archeology Museum, handily located on our street. This was a couple of euros in and was a small exhibit but with impressive artefacts.

We headed out again that evening, in time for the most beautiful sunset ever, before sitting down for a really good seafood meal by the water.

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We tried a Cretan produced wine also, which was really good and stopped off on the way home for more gelato (pistachio & nocciolato. Delish). After that, we could just about manage to climb the hotel stairs and fall asleep.

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The following day we had a last stroll around in the morning after having breakfast. I had a mission to find reasonably priced Korres beauty products (you can read about that on my beauty/lifestyle blog HERE) and we found a pharmacy that had most of the range for 20% off. Score. We also had a look in a supermarket where we got some olive oil and sweets for people back home.

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We headed out from the main hub of the town to spend a couple of hours on the nearby Notis beach; reading, swimming, eating Haribo and generally relaxing.

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And that was that for Chania. We really enjoyed our stay there. If we were to make one complaint, it would be the difficulty in finding parking and the somewhat erratic driving around us, which took a bit of getting used to.

If you haven’t yet, have a read of our previous post on our Crete itinerary; how to get there, get around, where to stay and how much it costs. You can find all of that info HERE.

Next stop, Rethymnon which will be our next post!

If you’ve been to Crete and want to add any travel tips or you too prefer archeological museums to napping (it’s a niche group), hit us up in the comment section!

Say hello, we’d love to hear from you!

Chloe & Cilian.



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